Everyone avid hiker has their “go-to” brand when it comes to outdoor gear and a equiptment, They have likely developed a bond to the company because of proven sustainability and reliability. Many of these brands slap on a hefty sticker price, simply because of their name. A great number of outdoor merchandise stores are out there and feel as though because of their popularity they can charge their customers extreme prices. Take a look at some of these lesser known companies, keeping adventures just as safe, dry, and warm as the name-brands.


Mountain Hard Gear

Becoming a part of the outdoor gear game in 1993, this company has continued to strive towards creating sturdy products for the most hardcore of adventurers. After opening their company, the innovators at Mountain Hard Gear wanted their customers to understand that their equipment would remain user-friendly and sustainable, regardless of ever changing technology. This company was the first to develop tents that included 180-degree viewing capabilities, and they continue to develop unique gear to continuously support outdoorsmen and women.


Poler Stuff

For those adventure seekers wanting to keep up with fashion trends, this company’s take on outdoor gear is a perfect fit. On their website, they share in their mission the desire to bridge the gap between everyday outdoor lifestyles and action packed activity. Hoping on the innovation train, their clever “napsacks” have become extremely popular with overnight hikers. In addition to their creative creations, their efficiently designed backpacks are suited for long-distance travelers and those looking to transport everyday essentials.


NW Alpine

Founder, Bill Amos took a risk and started an outdoor gear company at the height of the most recent recession. His ultimate goal was to manufacture the product locally and expand globally, and that is exactly what occured. According to Outside Online Amos noticed that large companies were venturing towards everyday apparel and straying from their roots of sufficient technical gear for adventurers. The goal was to focus specifically on high-quality performance gear, and even today, the team continues to test the gear in the tundra of the Oregon Cascades.


When shopping around for gear to support an outdoors lifestyle, turning to the household names may seem easy, but there are a vast number of lesser known companies worthy of the business. Supporting the up and coming companies only helps to grow a greater knowledge for which products truly deliver the reliability an outdoorsman or woman puts in their gear.