If you’re like me, incorporating my favorite things in life brings me such joy. Whether it’s being with family while traveling or reading a book in the sunshine. But one of the best mash-ups that I have found, is hiking with dogs. If you’ve visited my blog before, you know that I frequently adventure into the great outdoors for some fresh air. Once I found another passion in life through animals, I have truly enjoyed taking the time to bring them with me on some of my hikes. If any of you share these two loves in life, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. Check out some of these great items to take for your pup, next time you hit the trail.


Harness Packs

For those taking a leash-trained dog on the trails, a harness is a necessity. As you navigate through the hills and rough terrain, you’re going to want your pup harnessed in. Attaching a leash to a collar often strains the dog’s neck and throat, which could lead to esophageal damage. If you’ve not got room to spare for your pup’s essentials, there are some harnesses that include storage sections. Keeping in mind that you don’t want to weigh your pet down, there are lightweight products such as the Ruffwear Single Trak, which provides pockets for two collapsible hydration bottles. Mostly used on small dogs, the item also features a secure handle to help you navigate your dog over some of the more challenging parts of your hike.


Portable Hydration

As it is for humans, staying hydrated is so important for dogs during a hike. Making sure that you have enough water for both you and your pet should be carefully planned out before you start your hike. With pop-up bowls and bottles that have bowls on the ends of them, having an easily accessible supply of water for your dog is easy.


Nature Protection

When we venture out on a hike, we lather up the sunscreen and bug spray to protect ourselves from some of the more damaging parts of nature. So why wouldn’t we do the same for our furry friends? From hats to dog bug spray there are many options to help shield your pet from nature’s dangerous factors. In addition, climate can also harm animals on both extremes. In the heat, we must protect their paws and keep them from overheating. For cold weather, we must maintain their body heat and make sure they never get too chilled. In both instances, booties or paw protecting balm can be used. Just as we would, dressing your pup appropriately for the weather is crucial.