Writing this blog has become such a passion of mine. Being able to share the best information about my favorite pastime is something I have grown to love in so many ways. While I share some of my favorite hiking topics, there are many other hikers who provide wonderful insight about the great outdoors. For those of you who have followed along with my blog over the year, check out some of the hiking blogs that have become my favorites.


Section Hiker

I could spend days on Philip Werner’s site! As he documents his hiking endeavor of the Appalachian Trail, this avid hiker takes the time to cover almost any hiking topic you could think of. Whether you are a beginning or have been hiking for years, Philip offers tips on any and every outdoor topic. Some of his more recent blogs get as specific as cleaning the sap off of your hammock, and how to protect your food from bears. For those who love hiking gear, you can find reviews of so many different products and brands on his page. From water filtration systems to the latest hiking shoes, the Section Hiker is the site to visit for any skill level hiker.


Modern Hiker

This blog is unlike any other that I have ever come across. With the unique search feature, this blog covers a wide range of hikes all around the world. Filters such as dog-friendly, water features, and campsites are included, helping hikers find the perfect trail for their needs. Like the Section Hiker, this blog also features gear reviews across a wide variety of hiking tools. As one of the most popular hiking blogs on the web, Modern Hiker has gained quite a following and is featured at many National Parks and hiking events.


The Great Outside

If you are a visual person, like me, you will love Michael Lanza’s take on hiking blogs. Sprinkled with breathtaking images from his own experiences, Lanza provides readers with the perfect reason to visit the same places he has. His one tab “Family Adventures” is what really caught my eye. Many hiking blogs for families are their own site, but it was a breath of fresh air to see Michael incorporate it into his thriving site. While I no longer have young children, I know many people who would benefit from learning about family friendly adventures.


I hope that my or one of these expert blogs can help to get you geared up (pun intended) for the thrills and excitement that come along with hiking!