One of the greatest aspects of being a Florida resident is being able to experience the many tourist attractions, year-round. While you can find endless fun at the amusement parks and beaches, nature presents itself in many beautiful ways in the sunshine state. We are fortunate enough to have multiple national parks in the state, but none more picturesque than the Everglades. This park is one of the most accommodating and diverse parks in the south and hikers of all levels are bound to find adventure here.


Located on the southernmost tip of Florida, the Everglades are home to an abundant amount of unique wildlife. The 1.5 million-acre wetlands, is the only national park of its kind. The marshes and mangroves of the Everglades are the longest stretch of subtropical wilderness in our country. In efforts to preserve the national park and its inhabitants, only certain areas are open to hikers and explorers. Many hiking trails are no longer being maintained due to their close proximity to homes of animals on the endangered species list. This being said, there are still many trails and areas still open and fully operational to get a good hike on.


Although summer is typically peak travel time for many, the Everglades express their beautify year round. Due to its enormous size, there are various entrances to the park and trails. For those looking to travel by foot, the Flamingo Trails are your best option. From self-guided boardwalk trails to dirt paths along the mangroves, the trails in the heart of the Everglades are compatible for any style of hiker. In addition to walking trails, the wetlands also provide ideal biking and paddling trails. For a simple trail with beautiful views, check out the Pineland Trails, which has various difficulty leveled trails for all to explore.


While there are endless amounts of hiking trails, the Everglades also provide a wide range of bicycle and water-based trails. Many visitors enter the park at the Gulf Coast trails, where they can hop on a chartered boat and get an up-close view of the water inhabitants. For those seeking a shorter stay on the water, there are various kayak and canoe paths that take you throughout the wetlands. Explorers can hop out and pick up a walking trail on the Sandfly Island Loop or continue weaving through the wetlands by boat.


The Everglades has become one of the most explored destinations in Florida. We a very proud to have such a beautiful and natural habitat for earth’s creatures to roam and live in freedom. For those coming to visit, make sure to take a break from the rides and waterparks and explore all of the fascinating aspect nature has to offer.