One of the best parts of being in nature is the serene atmosphere it provides. A favorite pastime for many includes reading while experiencing the great outdoors firsthand. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor person, becoming one with nature is as easy as opening a book. There are many stories that take people to a new place. These books are great for those who love nature and the beauty it possesses.


Into The Wild


This international best-seller is likely the most well-known book about the great outdoors. The non-fiction story follows a recent college grad as he abandons life as he knows. After giving up all communications with his family, the main character, Christopher McCandless decides to travel the country.  With minimal supplies to his name, he ventures on a path to self-discovery. He survived the Alaskan wilderness and documented his adventures in a journal. Author Jon Krakauer recounts the trials and tribulations McCandless faced throughout his journey.




Written by the notorious Henry David Thoreau, this memoir conveys the author’s time becoming one with nature. The book shares of Thoreau’s two-year experiences living in the woods in a cabin he built on a path to self-discovery. Though he wrote his first novel during this endeavor, Walden captured his encounters living outside of society. If you’re looking to escape the chaos of everyday life, Thoreau takes you there in this read!


A Walk in the Woods


If you’ve got the travel bug, this book is perfect for you. Travel writer Bill Bryson puts a humorous spin on a challenging journey. This adventure gives great insight into the nature surrounding the trail Bryson follows. He also shares the difficulty that goes along with being a traveler. Through the rough terrain, Bryson and his travel companion continue to make readers laugh and wanderlust.


The Sixth Extinction


Although this book is not likely to make you happy, the messages are important for nature lovers to absorb. Author Elizabeth Colbert demonstrated why our society is currently on the path towards a “sixth extinction.” Using previous events, she assesses the direction present day actions are taking noting that we are on the brink of extinction. Colbert also dives into our ecological systems and how they take on the brunt of our everyday actions.