Choosing to add a furry friend to the family is a huge decision, sometimes taking months or years to make. Many people use their own lifestyles to determine which breed or age is most appropriate to bring home. With such a variety of dogs to choose from, future owners should specifically consider their own level of activity in helping them determine the perfect breed for their family. Many breeder and rescue sites disclose the amount of exercise a dog will need in its lifetime. A majority of the high energy dogs are large breeds but there are a few small dogs known for their need to get moving. For those always on the move, these canines are sure to keep up with any active lifestyle.


Russell Terriers and Corgis:


Both of these small dog breeds are known for their seemingly endless amounts of energy. Their hyperactive nature is great for an owner who doesn’t mind running around and keeping up with the tiny friends!


These blue-eyed beauties are known for their endurance as they are the chosen breed for dog sled racers. Their ability to withstand cold weather due to their thick coats make them an ideal pick for those in northern regions with harsh winters.


Labradors and Retrievers:


Commonly mistaken for one another, these two both require daily exercise. They have been known as great companions for runners because of their proportionate body and large size.


German Shepherds:


American Kennel Club shares that these sizable creatures were meant to work physically and mentally. As the prime candidate for police K-9 units, German Shepherds are likely to need a great deal of outdoor activity and training from their owners.


Border Collie:


The dog most commonly used for herding has great agility and can reach high speeds while running. Also known for their high intelligence levels, Collies are easy trainees, even known to be the best off-leash walkers.



Although every dog is unique in their own way, daily activity is more important in certain breeds than others. For someone always on the move, discovering which breed will benefit most from a mobile lifestyle will go a long way in sustaining a healthy relationship between dog and human!