Being one with nature is one the greatest life experiences a person can have. There are many times when escaping everyday chaos boils down to spending some quality time outdoors. Many people do their part when it comes to helping preserve the beauty of nature. Some amazing organizations exist whose mission is solely focused on bettering the great outdoors. Here are few charities that stand out for their exceptional work in bettering mother nature.


Conservation International


This nonprofit is working around the clock to make sure the future is bright for everyone and everything. Focusing on everything from climate change to freshwater, CI takes their work across the world to better the world we live in. In over 30 countries, this group works in the field and are not afraid the get their boots muddy. Through their efforts in the field, fundraising, and in scientific development, Conservation International continues proving how important nature conservation is to humanity’s future.




Animals and wildlife are an extremely important factor in preserving nature and its beauty. While many organizations just focus on saving endangered animals, WildAid also wants to put an end to the illegal trade of wildlife. Some of the celebrity ambassadors include Richard Branson and Yao Ming. WildAid, wants more than anything, for the world to understand the importance behind stopping the sabotage of wildlife. As countries began to make progress, such as banning ivory trade, WildAid is sure to be in full support of such actions.


Rainforest Alliance


Protecting the rainforests have been a notable charity cause for many decades. Upon opening the Rainforest Alliance’s website, viewers are greeting with a staggering statistic. All rainforests and its inhabitants could be wiped out within the next 100 years. The organization has taken this prediction and made it the face of their campaign. All of their efforts are working to demolish that projection and work towards preserving the rainforests, now and forever. With a team that is always growing, this group helps to certify and train communities. They teach best practices for keeping the environment healthy and refreshed. Making an impact in 80 countries, the Rainforest Alliance is doing their part to conserve one of our nature’s most beautiful biomes.