Nature & Hiking Enthusiast

Cindy Laquidara grew up in a tight-knit family, which included her second generation Irish mother, her father who was an Italian immigrant, 7 siblings and numerous cousins. Growing up, Cindy was raised in a lower- middle class or distressed environment. While she was always appreciative of the benefits and resources she had (more than some others), Cindy always wanted to provide security for her family, and knew the only way to achieve this goal for a better life was through education. Thus, after completing high school, she attended The University of Massachusetts, Amherst–a giant step toward realizing her lifelong dream of becoming an attorney. Shortly after, Cindy Laquidara continued her education at Boston College’s School of Law: one of the most widely recognized and prestigious universities in the country.

Cindy LaquidaraAfter a remarkably successful career as a local government lawyer, Cindy Laquidara is now partner for Akerman LLP, currently working in the national company’s Jacksonville, Florida office. Even though Cindy has a busy schedule with work, she makes time to enjoy her passion of hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Her journeys have included hiking, camping, and absorbing the beautiful scenery in the great states of Florida, North Carolina, and New Hampshire; her goal is to explore the rest of America’s expansive landscape as well. Though she enjoys the experience now, the first time Cindy went hiking, it did not turn out as well as she expected. She and her son had initially planned a great adventure to Arizona and California, but, due to unforeseen circumstances, they could not make it out there. Instead they ventured to Asheville, North Carolina which ended up being a difficult, yet uplifting, experience. Since it was their first trip, they were completely unaware of what constituted normal hiking materials. They did what any first time camper would do, packed Goldfish, Lucky Charms, and a few plastic utensils and hit the trails. Even though the two were underprepared for the outing, they still enjoyed their time together and began to make outings a regular part of their routine. After the first trip, Cindy began preparing for their trips in a more comprehensive way, most importantly focusing on safety first.

Now, hiking comes naturally to Cindy Laquidara, who is known for always wanting to explore. She has developed such a passion for hiking that she recently went with a friend and scaled the Appalachian Trails as well as the White Mountains. This does not come as much as a surprise since she enjoys the challenge of mastering difficult tasks. Cindy explains, “Hiking is just another way to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. Trekking difficult trails is always fun, yet challenging, but that is what is the best part. Being able to accomplish something that seems too difficult.”

Cindy Laquidara’s only regret is that she hadn’t begun hiking sooner in, especially to enjoy those experiences with her son; however, she looks forward to the two of them enjoying the activity for years to come.

Due to her decades of experience in the legal field, Cindy has acquired quite a few recognitions and awards. Earlier in her career, she was honored with, Jacksonville Magazine’s Top Legal Professional in 2013, Jacksonville Women Lawyer’s Association Woman Lawyer of the Year in 2005, and The Jacksonville Financial News & Daily Record, Lawyer of the year in 2010. Her most recent award came in the form of one of the highest honors in the legal community. In 2017, Cindy Laquidara was chosen as one of the Best Lawyers in America. This honor is given by Best Lawyers, a group consisting of legal council from around the United States. This peer-designated award has been circulating for 25-years and Cindy was honored to have been chosen for this prestigious nomination.